Safe.  Secure.  Confidential.

Fine Art and Collectibles Secure Storage in Des Moines  

The Dickinson Vaults... our family business is securely storing and caring for your fine art, collectibles and other precious investments.

From one prized possession to a legacy collection, the team at The Dickinson Vaults will care for your fine art and collectible items with trained staff and a selection of storage arrangements and options.

Expect the best from The Dickinson Vaults

High Security

...multiple, redundant surveillance and security systems - cameras, guards

...highly controlled and limited access - you choose who gains admittance

...barcode tracking and inventory - every movement and handling detail is tracked

Storage Protection

...from fluctuating temperatures and humidity

...from fire, floods, electrical outages, and storms

...from cramped closets, inept handling, and lost items

Storage and Access Options

...a single valued item or a whole collection - we have expertise for it all

...custom-built security enclosures on request - your own locked storage, arranged your way

...temporary storage - during a renovation, or when you're rotating collections

...long-term storage - for secure and trustworthy safe-keeping of your valued investments and heirlooms

...viewing and/or working space on request - to review, examine, photograph, or otherwise work with your stored items

...customizable based on your unique situation

Because every collector and collection is different, we are happy to discuss your collection goals, storage needs and timing so we can effectively work together to meet your objectives and protect your investment.

Give us a call at (515) 237-7711 or email us at