Fine Art and Collectibles Secure Storage in Des Moines  

Fine Art and Collectibles Secure Storage

Your Way

Talk to us about your personal collections, exhibition pieces, small or large sculptural works, and more.  We’ll develop a plan together that fits your circumstances.

Whether it’s archival security and protection over a long term or short term storing of exhibition pieces, The Dickinson Vaults’ experts will work with you to accommodate your needs – including constructing custom client collection enclosures to meet your individual requirements.  At your request, we can also provide viewing and/or working space (subject to our restricted access requirements).

Environmental and Climate Controlled Archival Vaults
At The Dickinson Vaults, your fine art and collectibles are secured and protected in our climate controlled vaults and climate moderated warehouse. 

The Vaults are maintained with consistent temperature and humidity levels at 65 degrees F (+/- 2 degrees) and 45 percent humidity (+/- 2%), both in excess of best practices for storage in museums and archives.  We allow your art and collectibles to “settle” before handling to minimize the impact of climate changes during a move.

If you are looking for safe and secure storage but do not require museum quality storage The Dickinson Vaults can also provide space in our climate moderated storage area.

High Security

 The Dickinson Vaults has highly limited and restricted access for maximum security and safety.  Our environment features state-of-the-art technology and monitoring 24/7/365.  Surveillance cameras and motion detectors monitor the entire facility, and we are connected to paid police and fire departments as well as a security response company.

Disaster Prevention

To be sure your collections are protected in the unlikely event of a fire; we’ve invested in a water-less fire suppression system.  Our system uses naturally occurring gases to put out fires where they start by lowering the oxygen content below combustion level.  The result:  your collection is protected from water damage in an environmentally friendly manner.                                                                                                                                                                               

You have peace of mind when storing your collectibles at The Dickinson Vaults.  In addition to the fire-suppression system, our facility is built to withstand 100mph tornado-force winds.  Surveillance cameras and motion detectors monitor the entire facility, our on-site backup generator ensures we’ll have power at all times, access is highly controlled and limited, and the premises is monitored by security 24/7/365.

Inventory Control
The Dickinson Vaults’ confidential tracking and management system allows you to know where your items are and tracks all movement of each item – including who requests each change (such as retrieving or returning items) and when each change request is made.  The comprehensive tracking and management system also allows for reporting of items under our care.

Our Team
Since 1984, our family has been storing, protecting, securing, and managing the items and records of greatest value to individuals and businesses.  We’re experts in this business.  The Dickinson Vaults team is trained to provide high standards of service and protection when transporting, storing, and handling your fine art works.  If you have special needs we cannot accommodate personally, we have a team of experts we can call on to assist with whatever is needed.

We are here to meet your fine art and collectible storage needs.  Our business is keeping all of

your items Safe, Secure, and Confidential.  Let's develop a plan that works for you.

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